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I spend a lot of time playing tuba - its so much fun! I started playing the tuba around the Christmas of my first year at secondary school (Chirstmas 1996). I have played with various Brass Bands, Concert Bands and Orchestras on Eb Tuba. I am even currently playing Bb Tuba with the City of Cambridge Brass Band! Just to give a rough idea of what I have been upto so far, I have made a few lists. I will start with the groups I currently play with:

Here are some other groups I have also played with:

Some awards for my tuba playing:

Some solos I have performed in recent times, mainly on EEb Tuba:

Discography, ish:

A few of the concert tours I have managed to get on:

A few contests I have been to:

I should introduce my tuba (called Sophie). She is a Yamaha YEB-632SUKC (full size, fully compensating, Eb tuba, silver plate, concert model) with a Dennis Wick 2L as a friend.

It has been a while since I did some singing and composing, but that used to be good fun. I won the North Lincolnshire Schools Composition competition, in about Summer 2001, with a piece called Contest. It was a march for written for the Second Concert Band. I can also be found, playing rythmn guitar, leading folk masses when pushed.

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